Most of your birth supplies are included in your Homebirth Midwifery Care fee. There are some items you will need to collect and purchase. We've included links to Amazon items here, for items you are unlikely to have at home, for your convenience. Please do feel free to purchase items from any retailer you'd like.  Collect your items in a laundry basket, plastic bin, or cardboard box. Have everything ready to go for your 36-week home visit. Items that are highlighted are REQUIRED.

Covid-19 Virtual Visits


  • 2 warm blankets

  • whatever you plan to wear during labor and birth

  • 2 pajamas / robe

  • something comfy to wear postpartum

  • warm socks

  • lip balm

  • mints or hard candy

  • arnica oil for massage

  • unscented candles or fairy lights

  • birth ball

  • labor music playlist

  • hot water bottle or heating pad

  • box fan


Labor + Birth


Water Birth

Food + Drink

  • electrolyte beverage that contains calories (coconut water, gatorade, etc.)

  • juice (must contain sugar)

  • snacks for you, support people, and midwives

  • coffee and cream for support people and midwives

  • water bottle or straws

  • a protein- and carb-heavy meal to eat immediately postpartum

  • freezer meals and/or meal train set up

Family + Friends

  • babysitter to support and tend to siblings

  • kennel or sitter for any pets (no pets allowed in the birth space, in case midwives must respond to emergencies)

  • reading material, hobby supplies, tabletop games, puzzles to keep birth guests occupied in case of long labor

  • family + friend list to notify of the birth