Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is the cornerstone informed decision-making and the safest possible midwifery care. As a midwife, I provide care to low-risk pregnant people, expecting an uncomplicated birth of a healthy newborn. I have extensive training in assessing and communicating risk factors throughout our work together, so that you can make the best possible choices for yourself at every decision point. Risk assessment is an ongoing process that begins before you come into care and continues until your last appointment.

Clients who become high risk during pregnancy, birth, or postpartum will be transferred to a provider and facility that can give a higher level of care than is possible at home. In these situations, I will continue to provide emotional and educational support, including postpartum visits and lactation counseling.

Your risk level is mitigated or aggravated by your provider's experience and skill with your specific circumstances. I am trained and experienced in caring for clients planning a homebirth in the following special situations:


  • Vaginal Birth After C-section (VBAC)

  • Pregnancy over 35 years of age

  • Pregnant clients with disabilities

  • Pregnancy following Assistive Reproductive Technology, including IVF

  • Pregnancy following losses

  • Surrogate pregnancy

  • Pregnancy leading to adoption

Although the following conditions are variations of normal, I do NOT currently have the experience or skill to provide care to clients expecting TWINS or BREECH babies. In these circumstances, we will either seek collaboration with a midwife or OB who can bring these skills to your homebirth, or I will transfer your care to another provider who can provide these skills to you.