"Breast/chestfeeding is an unsentimental

metaphor for how love works.

You don't decide how much and how deeply to love —

you respond to the beloved,

and give with joy

exactly as much as they want."

- Marni Jackson

Lactation Counseling


Feeding your baby is natural, but it often does not come easily. With time, patience and instruction, most nursing pairs find success in a mutually rewarding experience.  Support and education can be key to getting that relationship off to a good start and smoothing any bumps in your road.

I offer breast/chesting education, support, and troubleshooting for people in the greater Pittsburgh area and beyond!

In our work together, I will observe you feeding your baby and discuss your concerns. I will provide information for improving your nursing relationship and help you develop strategies to achieve your lactation goals.

This full package includes holistic and evidence-based care:

  • Education for expectant and new parents

  • Instruction and support following birth

  • Troubleshooting for common issues including soreness, poor latch, milk supply, reflux, tongue and lip ties

  • Inducing lactation in non-gestational and adoptive parents

  • Assistance and advocacy for nursing infants in the NICU

  • Preparation and support for lactation when returning to work

  • Resources and information on lactation aids and equipment

  • Referrals to community resources and specialized providers

*This service is available locally and via telemed.*

​​Initial visit (90 minutes): $150

Follow up visits (60 minutes): $85

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