Our job, first and foremost, is to keep you and your baby as safe and healthy as possible.


The research at this time shows that COVID affects clotting of the blood, and as such, can create problems with your placenta were you to become infected during pregnancy. We are seeing a worldwide increase in miscarriages and stillbirths due to this virus. We also now know that COVID can cause premature birth.

Further, as one of very few homebirth providers in the region, if the midwife became infected or had to quarantine due to exposure, it would compromise all of our clients’ ability to have a homebirth.

With that responsibility in mind, we have established the following COVID-19 practices and protocols. These policies not only protect you, but also keep the midwife from becoming sick or a vector of transmission, passing the virus from one client to the next.

April 2021: Midwife Delmar is now fully vaccinated against COVID-19!

We are excited to announce that we are opening up (a little), starting May 1st. We look forward to seeing you soon!!

Vaccines are now available for pregnant people via Pittsburgh Mercy. If you are pregnant and would like to be vaccinated, please email Delmar or let them know at your next prenatal visit so they get you on the list for a vaccine appointment.


Steel City Homebirth is updating our COVID policy, in line with current CDC recommendations:


Prenatal Care

* Clients who can provide proof of vaccination will be able to start in-person prenatal visits in the Homestead office. Masks will still be required.

* Clients who can't or choose not to be vaccinated will continue telemed prenatal care.

* 36-week visits are in-person, in-home for all clients. Masks are required.


The Birth

* Restrictions on the number of birth guests will be lifted when all persons attending the birth have proof of vaccination on file with the midwife by 36 weeks.Everyone except the person in labor must mask.

* Families that can not or choose not to be vaccinated will continue to be limited to 2 support people (such as spouse and doula), plus one childcare person if there are other children in the home. Everyone except the person in labor must mask.


Postpartum Care

* The first two postpartum visits will happen in the client's home, regardless of vaccine status. Everyone must mask for these visits.

* Vaccinated clients may choose to come to the office for postpartum visits at 2, 4, and 6 weeks.

* Clients who can not or choose not to vaccinate will be seen via telemed for postpartum visits at 2, 4, and 6 weeks.


Hoping to see you soon!!

June 2020: We have moved to a telehealth appointment system!


We will see you via Zoom for consultations, prenatals, and some postpartum follow-ups. The appointments will still be 60 minutes in length, but certain aspects, like feeling for baby’s position, won’t be possible at every appointment. You will be asked to purchase or borrow a fetal doppler, an automatic blood pressure cuff, and urinalysis strips. Delmar will teach you how to use these tools to assess the wellbeing of you and your baby at every appointment. 


If you or the midwife have any concern or difficulty during any telemed appointment that requires hands-on assessment, you will be asked to drive up to our home office for an in-person assessment.

During all face-to-face appointments (drive-up or in-home at 36 weeks and postpartum), all adults and children over the age of 6 must wear a mask. The midwife will also be masked and follow strict handwashing/hand sanitizer and equipment sanitizing protocols.  

During the birth, we are asking families to limit their guests to two additional people, plus an adult to mind any siblings. So that’s you, your partner, two guests (including a doula), and a babysitter (if needed). All adults, except for the laboring client, and children over the age of 6 must wear masks while in the same room as our staff. All staff members will also be masked while in the same room with you, your family, or guests. We will follow strict handwashing/hand sanitizer and equipment sanitizing protocols.

All of our staff are being asked to limit potential exposures by practicing social distance guidelines, avoiding gatherings of any kind, wearing a mask whenever they leave home, and practice excellent hand hygiene. We ask our clients and their families to do the same. 

Clients and/or birth guests who are showing COVID symptoms will be immediately referred to the hospital. Clients who are COVID positive at any time in pregnancy are high risk, no longer a candidate for homebirth, and will be transferred to an OB for the higher level of care needed.

When the number of cases in Allegheny and neighboring counties begin to slow down, we will begin hybrid visits, where we will see clients via telemed and then ask you to drive-up for an in-person assessment on weeks 20, 28, and 40. We will also visit you at home during week 36.

These protocols, policies, and procedures will be reviewed weekly, as evidence becomes available and the local infection rates change. Please ask the midwife for the most up-to-date information.