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Welcome home Birth

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Welcome Home Birth is a class specially designed for families considering or planning an out-of-hospital (OOH) birth.

You will learn about:

  • how traditional midwifery care is different from OB or medical care;

  • risk assessments and who gets to have a homebirth;

  • what to expect from your midwife and homebirth team;

  • supplies to have on hand;

  • common reasons for transfers to hospital and what to expect if we have to go;

  • how to prepare for a homebirth and improve your chances of having baby at home; and 

  • when to call to midwife.

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Everything About Birth

A complete childbirth class, where you'll learn everything you need to know about the process of birth, how to prepare, and what to expect -- wherever you're planning to have baby!

  • basic anatomy of birth,

  • what to expect during your labor,

  • when to call your doctor or midwife,

  • when to go to the hospital or birth center,

  • what to pack,

  • comfort measures and pain relief,

  • common interventions,

  • how to make your own informed choices, and

  • how to push out your baby.

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Wee Care: Instructions for New Parents

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If you've ever wished that newborns came with an instruction manual, you've found it! In this class designed for expectant parents, you will learn safe, holistic, and developmentally appropriate techniques for caring for your wee one. This class is everything you need to know before baby arrives:

  • feeding basics,

  • diapering options,

  • how to bathe baby,

  • normal infant routines

  • understanding and responding to baby's cues,

  • tips and tricks for helping baby sleep well, 

  • techniques for soothing your baby, and

  • activities for maximizing your baby's development.


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